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Insights into global opportunities

If you’re looking to expand your operations into new markets, our business insights can help connect you to opportunities and provide a detailed picture of how things work. Discover articles, tips and videos to help you reach your ambitions and fuel your growth.

International Business Guides

Find out more about doing business in over 12 markets including China, Germany, Malaysia, the UK and the US. Download HSBC’s market specific guides, with quick and easy hints about expanding and operating overseas.

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Expanding abroad

With a geographic footprint spanning over 60 countries, we give you access to a truly global network that covers 90% of global GDP, trade and capital flows. It’s how we help customers access opportunities around the world, enabling businesses to thrive and connect their global operations

Raising capital

Whether you’re a local business or a large international company, getting access to the right type of finance can be crucial if you want to grow, invest and create jobs. The key to deciding what’s right for your business is to understand the different options available to you.

There are two main categories of finance – debt finance and equity finance. Once you've decided which is right for your business, you can start to look at the specific borrowing options available to you.

  • Debt finance

    Debt finance means you borrow money and pay it back with interest over time. It can be used for anything from funding short-term working capital to acquiring long-term assets. As your business needs change, your debt finance needs also change and you may even use a combination of different debt products at any one time.

  • Equity finance

    Equity finance means you raise capital through the sale of shares in your business and pay it back in dividends or capital growth. It can be a way to finance different stages of your business, from starting up to experiencing a high-growth phase. As they own a part of your business, investors become shareholders, which means they maintain a longer-term interest.