Staying informed about online security risks means you can stay vigilant against fraud. Our online tools and solutions include the latest security technology to help keep you protected.

Cybersecurity considerations for corporates

The increasing digitisation of industry plays a vital role in business growth. But it also brings risk – cybercrime is evolving and growing fast.

Cybercrime targets victims from private individuals to large corporates, through various forms of phishing and illicit installations of malware. The results are lost income, reputational damage, financial loss and ransomed data.

We want to help you build your cybercrime knowledge. Here are the main risks that corporates should consider:

  • Phishing: One of the most common cyber-attacks, phishing operates through emails which are often convincing and appear to come from legitimate senders. These messages entice their targets to click on links or attachments which, in turn, facilitate theft or fraud. Find out more here about phishing.
  • Malware: Malicious software is coded with the intention of harming its target. Affecting private and corporate users alike, it can steal information, damage data, hijack website visits and spy on internet activity. Fraudulent redirection of internet banking users is an increasingly frequent form of attack. Find out more here about malware.
  • Business email compromise: Cyber-attacks on organisations have increased steadily in recent years. With criminals constantly devising new ways to steal information and money, one of the newest emerging threats is Business Email Compromise, also known as CEO or Chairman Fraud. Targets of this scam can lose huge sums because of one suspicious email. Find out more here about Business Email Compromise.
  • Text and phone scams: Texts and phone calls can be used maliciously to facilitate theft and fraud. 'Vishing' calls try to alarm recipients into making payments or providing important financial information. 'Smishing' texts may additionally try to entice their target to click on malicious links, activating trojan viruses which can steal passwords and other high-value data. Find out more here about text and phone scams.
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Track Payments

The Track Payments tool, part of HSBCnet, is a simple, direct way to keep track of your payments. With even more visibility of the process of your payments, you’ll have greater control saving you time and potentially making your day-to-day work quicker and easier.

Keep track of your payments with HSBC track payments tool

With this feature, you can:

  • View your payment activity at a glance: See your recent payment activity up front and highlight any payments you want to focus your attention on. Status information is available for payments made within the last 35 days and those dated up to 45 days in the future.
  • Use the ‘Payment details’ screen to track a payment’s progress: Select a payment from the list and quickly see how far your payment has progressed. The ‘Payment details’ screen shows:
    • what’s happening now;
    • what will happen next;
    • what’s already completed, including status updates driven by SWIFT gpi (the new standard in global payments) from the intermediary and beneficiary banks.
  • Quickly determine if any payments require further action: A payment highlighted in yellow or red indicates you may be required to take action to continue processing your payment.
  • Save time with the ‘Search’ function: Customise your display and find specific payments quickly using the ‘Search’ and ‘Filter’ features.

HSBCnet mobile security

HSBCnet Mobile provides a faster way to log on and access the online banking services that help you lead your business forward.

The app now supports a full suite of biometric capabilities, including Touch and Face ID for iOS devices and Fingerprint ID for supported Android devices. These provide a fast, simple and secure way to view your HSBC accounts and balances on the go.

The HSBCnet mobile app with Face ID features:

  • Next generation authentication: Intuitive and unique to each individual.
  • Access: For CEOs, CFOs and everyone who needs to view account positions, authorise critical payments and track transactions whenever they need to, wherever they are.
  • Reach: Already more than $200 billion has been authorised on HSBCnet Mobile, with the app available in more than 40 markets.
  • Award-winning: HSBCnet was named Best Mobile Technology Solution in the TMI Awards for Innovation & Excellence in Treasury Management 2019.