HSBC Mobile Virtual Cards

The versatile plastic-free corporate payment solution – with more flexibility than ever before
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Transform the way your team manages expenses with our digital wallet-enabled mobile virtual cards. Whether it’s issuing instant temporary cards for contractors or interns, supporting employee per diems, paying for emergency travel costs or purchases – this functionality provides your team with more spend options and flexibility, while you retain full visibility and control over card usage.​

What are HSBC Virtual Cards?

The HSBC Virtual Card is a simple and convenient way to manage corporate expenses without the need to issue a physical card. Virtual Cards allow you to place controls such as merchant, validity and limits on each card issued. ​

Why mobile?

Your nominated company administrator can  immediately generate and send virtual cards to your users, to add to their mobile phone's digital wallet. These cards can then be used to use the card in person, using contactless payment methods, as well as online. 

Key benefits

Flexibility and Convenience

Virtual Cards are available immediately after generation, removing delivery time for new employees or for contractors. Users can access their virtual cards directly from their phone's digital wallet, eliminating the need to carry physical cards when making in-store, online or  telephone purchases.

Increased Control

Maximise control on how, when and where virtual cards are used. Specify when cards are valid from; the value placed on the card; when the cards expire; where the cards can be used – and more. 

Easy Reconciliation

Reporting on virtual cards allows for better visibility in to where and when users are spending on your organisation's issued virtual cards. Easily reconcile expenses by creating custom reporting references that are tied to each virtual card transaction, for automatic reconciliation.  

Improved Security

Virtual cards via digital wallets can offer advanced security features like tokenisation and biometric authentication, enhancing protected against fraud.

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