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International Subsidiary Banking

A global approach, for global businesses

Your banking services should always be working to boost the success of your business' global subsidiary presence. That is why we are here, ready to put the full power of the HSBC network and its expertise behind your international growth ambitions.

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Doing business in Australia

As the sixth biggest country1 and 13th largest economy in the world2, Australia is very important to the global economy. It is also a great place to live with Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide recently voted in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world3.

Australia is an attractive place to do business due to political stability, a transparent legal system and a welcoming attitude towards foreign investment across a wide variety of sectors and assets. As a world leader in championing free trade with Free Trade Agreements with our major trading partners4 and the strongest trade links with Asia of any OECD country5.

HSBC has operated in Australia for over 50 years and has corporate offices in 4 cities across the country. Our International Subsidiary Banking (ISB) business provides a consistent global banking experience to our clients. Our Australian ISB team supports multinationals operating in the Australian market by understanding their needs and supporting their growth.

How we can support your global ambitions

  • Your ISB team

    A team structured to mirror the way you work, across both parent and subsidiary levels – with dedicated contacts globally
  • Tailored solutions

    Mapped to your global needs to provide greater cost efficiencies, better use of working capital and help in reducing cross-border risks
  • Consistent, fair service

    We recognise you as a global business, so we can provide a consistent service to you and your subsidiaries, and better access to products, financing solutions
  • Global connectivity

    Benefit from our unrivalled global presence, access local market insights and make the right connections to help you grow your business

Global network with local support

International banking multi task

Multi-task across multiple regions, with one partner

Wanting to oversee multiple regions but don't want to manage individual banks in each country? We have the ability and agility to offer dedicated coverage teams across our global network to unlock success.

International banking connect to growth

Connect to growth with optimised supply chain solutions

Are complex and time-consuming supply chain issues slowing your international growth? We have the right knowledge and expertise to help manage and on-board suppliers to make your supply chain more effective.

Digital capabilities

International banking on the go banking

On the go banking for on the move businesses

Digital innovation to boost operational efficiencies is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we've made many day-to-day banking tasks easier, so you can focus on your growth ambitions.

International banking need a better view

Need a better view of your global accounts?

Is keeping track of multiple bank accounts globally a challenge? HSBCnet gives you central access to local and international accounts for better visibility and efficiency.

International opportunities

If you’re looking to grow your operations in new markets, our International Business Guides can help connect you to opportunities. Discover how trading in or with these destinations could help you boost the growth of your business, with insight into the economy, infrastructure, culture and more.

International Business Guides

Looking for more information? Gain insights into the economy, infrastructure, culture and more.

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We're supporting bigger thinking through smarter, future-focused products and services that empower your organisation.
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