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Discover smarter ways of managing your corporate cash flow more efficiently to help lead your business forward.

HSBC offers the global transaction banking solutions that can help you to make the most of your working capital, and trade with more confidence internationally.

Receivables Finance

HSBC’s Receivables Finance solutions (RF) gives you access to cash from your receivables as soon as you invoice your customers, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months for your payments to arrive. With this alternate financing source, you can improve your business cash flow and achieve your growth ambitions.

Cash Flow Forecasting

One of the newest and most useful functions added to HSBCnet is the Cash Flow Forecasting solution (CFF). This tool enables your organisation to obtain tailored forecasts quickly and efficiently, providing a valuable insight in times of both market stability and volatility.

Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, you are part of a global supply chain that is dynamic and constantly evolving. In such an interconnected ecosystem, there are risks from lead time delay to payments issues. We can help you find the right balance in your supply chain for financial and strategic benefits.

Commercial cards

Commercial Cards help to redefine how you manage your payments across the full spectrum of expense categories - from staff expenses, to supplier invoices, and general operational costs, all while freeing up cash within the organisation.

HSBC Spotlight: Evolving working capital management in uncertain times

As part of a series across Asia-Pacific, HSBC recently held a webinar focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on Australia and New Zealand from an economic and corporate perspective. You can view a recording of the full webinar below.

Digital working capital solutions

We have developed a factsheet, outlining our digital banking solutions to support you with your working capital management in one simple guide.

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HSBC Omni Collect

Take advantage of a smart merchant and cash management solution that helps you lead your business forward.

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Innovation insights

Find out how business leaders are adapting to the new normal, and discover smarter ways to lead your business forward.

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Stay on top of your finances with a smarter view of your cash position across all accounts and products with HSBCnet, to lead your business forward.

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New Payments Platform

Payments can now be received in seconds via the New Payments Platform (NPP).

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