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Demystify trade and navigate global business with our working capital solutions that help you lead your business forward.

Build a smarter business with HSBC.

Gain more control over your imports and exports, improve cash flow and manage risks associated with international trade more effectively.

Think bigger with smarter connectivity

Trade smarter

Manage your trade operations and import/export accounts online

Approve online

Approve, change or delete pending transactions

Powerful reporting

HSBC MiVision gives you visibility and control over your business spend and management of your cards

Mitigating your risk

Manage counterparty risk and do business around the world confidently while managing potential fluctuations in cash flow.

Digitise your trade transactions

New technologies and business models are changing how services are produced and supplied. Organisations are moving away from paper-based trade processes to make their supplier relationships more efficient. We see this shift as a huge opportunity to offer innovative solutions that make financing easier for our customers.

Receive payments in seconds

Payment cut off times will soon be a thing of the past. As business models have developed to provide a 24/7 customer experience, real time payments will allow you to manage payments and fulfil your service offering anytime, anywhere. As an HSBC account holder, you will be able to receive domestic NPP payments with effect from 1 October 2020.

Greater visibility and flexibility of payments

Traditional payments – such as automated clearing house (ACH) or real-time gross settlement (RTGS) payments – rely on processes that are not fit for the digital age. Paper-based payments leave information scattered across multiple documents, making it hard to complete relatively straightforward reporting and budget management.

When a company uses HSBC’s Commercial Cards for procurement, all the transaction data is centralised in MiVision, HSBC’s online management and reporting platform that allows data to be extracted and analysed through insightful reports.

“Despite the lockdown and increased remote working, 76% of Australian businesses feel closer to their strategic supply chain partners and have become more collaborative.” - HSBC Navigator Report 2020

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