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One-stop digital platform for all your payment collection needs.
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One-stop digital platform for all your payment collections needs.

What is HSBC Omni Collect?

As digital payments evolve, so should your day-to-day operations. HSBC Omni Collect makes it simple for you and your customers to send and receive money through multiple payment channels and across jurisdictions via a single touch point.

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In partnership with Fiserv and Azupay, Omni Collect provides a fast, efficient and cost-effective way for Australians to pay and get paid in real-time. You can now offer multi-payment options to your customers including credit cards, debit cards, QR codes and e-Wallets.

One platform that supports both in-store and eCommerce needs

Key features of HSBC Omni Collect

  • Supports eCommerce, mCommerce & In-store payments
  • Acceptance of multiple payment options including Cards, e-Wallets and QR codes
  • A unified view of all your daily business transactions through reports
  • API connectivity for payments, notification and transaction status enquiry

Benefits to your business

  • Simplify collections: accept a variety of payment modes on a single platform, without managing multiple vendor integrations
  • Reduce administrative work: automated reconciliation with standardised reconciliation reports provided daily
  • Greater customer satisfaction: simplified payment journey to deliver greater convenience for your customers
  • Receive funds instantly: leverage Australia’s real-time payment infrastructure to receive funds instantly 24 / 7/ 365
  • Boost sales: capture more business opportunities by providing more payment options
  • Future-proof your business: enable support for increasingly popular digital payment channels
  • Lower transaction fees: especially when compared to card payments

How it works


An all-in-one digital payment terminal will be provided so you can accept multiple payment types from cards to e-wallets and QR codes. To ease your reconciliation process, a consolidated report with transaction details will be provided.

eCommerce/ mCommerce

Our solution enables multiple payment acceptance from bank transfer, cards and e-wallets to your business’s website or mobile application. To ease your reconciliation process, a consolidated report with transaction details will be provided.

Settlement and Reporting

Single settlement from multiple payment scheme and a consolidated report is delivered to you via HSBCnet or through registered email

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