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Corporate and Treasury Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

The power of HSBC’s Treasury APIs, integrated with your treasury and payment systems will help unlock new possibilities for your business, making it easier to manage your cash and make more informed decisions.

APIs are transforming the corporate and treasury landscape by providing a cost-effective and frictionless technology experience. HSBC Treasury APIs can remove barriers to automation, solve common pain points and potentially deliver levels of system flexibility, agility and scalability.

Helping you to digitise your business

HSBC’s Treasury APIs can enable you to:

  • Make payments,
  • Combine FX and payment services into a single process for cross-border payments,
  • Check balances, and
  • Improve payment tracking and reconciliation processes.

This can be done securely and directly from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or treasury platforms without the need for proprietary bank platforms or user-tokens.

Watch this video on HSBC's Treasury API's to find out how to unlock new possibilities for your clients and partners


  • Receive an instant response when transferring money between accounts or sending payments to your suppliers and partners

  • Track your payment’s status from initiation to completion, either from within HSBC or the receiving bank*

  • Request for real time, on-demand account balances and transactions for greater visibility over account movements

  • Make cross-border payments through Global Disbursements in over 130+ currencies from a single operating account with one seamless process

  • Fast setup using our simplified digital onboarding process

  • A simple and secure solution that uses industry standard encryption

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Access our dedicated developer site for further information, including how to get started, use cases and more.

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Payments can now be received in seconds via our Real-Time Payments Platform.

Make informed decisions quicker with real-time visibility at your fingertips.

Streamline global payments and reduce costs with HSBC Global Disbursements.

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