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Global Disbursements

Streamline global payments and reduce costs with HSBC Global Disbursements, a cross-border payment solution that enables you to pay beneficiaries globally in over 130+ currencies and 175 countries, all from a single bank account.

Whether you are sending recurring payments, or making periodic payments to a vendor or supplier, it can all be done through a single payment file regardless of payment type, currency or destination country.

With HSBC Global Disbursements you’ll save on payment costs thanks to a streamlined process, the power of HSBC’s global reach, and our access to low cost clearing systems which allows us to cost-effectively send payments worldwide and pass the savings on to you.

This solution will also streamline the time it takes for beneficiaries to receive payments – allowing predictability in the payments cycle.

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Key features of HSBC Global Disbursements:

  • Send payments quickly and easily to vendors, clients, or any beneficiary globally
  • Make cross-border payments in over 130+ currencies, to over 175 countries from one bank account
  • Track payment status online – improving transparency and reducing complexity and cost
  • Flexible and customisable – you can select different report types, set payment limits, schedule payments, record beneficiary data, and much more.

Benefits of HSBC Global Disbursements:

  • Simplify cross-border payment processes, reducing the complexity and cost associated with making global payments.
  • Optimise FX management by viewing the real-time rates applied to your payments based on the currency and payment destination.
  • Reduce the number of foreign currency accounts you need to hold – saving money, streamlining reconciliation and gaining more control over cash flows.
  • Limit counterparty risk by centralising payments through a single, trusted source.

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