HSBC Digital Accounts Receivable Tool

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Automate your accounts receivable process with HSBC’s next generation digital invoice management platform.

What is the HSBC Digital Accounts Receivable Tool?

The HSBC Digital Accounts Receivable Tool (HSBC DART) is a simple and intuitive digital platform that enables sellers and buyers to exchange invoices and detailed payment information.

HSBC DART digitises the exchange of information through tokenisation within a Tracking ID, which improves invoice matching when included in buyer payments. This results in effective and efficient accounts receivable management and helps improve the working capital cycle.

Benefits for suppliers

  • Automate invoice matching to expedite reconciliation and improve receivables metrics when buyers include the HSBC DART Tracking ID in their payment
  • Faster reconciliation speeds up release of credit limits and quickens order cycles
  • Track invoices status intraday via the DART web portal or Android mobile app
  • Save time and reduce offline queries by enabling information exchange on one platform

Benefits for your buyers

  • Simplify invoice management – view and validate invoices, apply credit notes or deductions on one platform
  • Streamline workflow by eliminating manual notifications and advising
  • Online record of invoices and settlements to track what has been paid and what is outstanding
  • Buyers do not have to be HSBC account holders in order to access HSBC DART

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